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Rank Media Agency Becomes Real-Time Bidding Pioneer

“I had zero interest in switching. Literally zero. But once I got to know Ringba, their team, their values, and their technology, I quickly realized there was only one path to the future success of our business.”

Neil RubinVice President of Business Development
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HyperTarget Marketing Taps Into the Real-Time Call Bidding Ecosystem

“Ringba makes it really easy to get set up. There are no long-term contracts or setup fees and you only pay for what you use.” .

Blake ElliottDirector of Sales and Operations
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Building an Insurance Pay Per Call Program from Start to Finish

“Having this level of client services in technology or software is unheard of. With Ringba, you get a team of consultants and partners as well as a platform.”

Janet MeierVice President of Marketing
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Health Insurance Agency Drastically Improves Conversion Rates

“If you’re hesitant about switching because you think it’s going to be hard or a big endeavour, it’s quite the opposite. We were literally up and running within a day."

David SteinChief Operating Officer
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Dominating Pay Per Call in the World's Most Competitive Verticals

“Ringba is far superior to any other platform when it comes to technology and innovation. They really are the premiere solutions provider for pay per call; nothing even comes close.”

Anthony SarandreaEntrepreneur and Super Affiliate
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Performance Marketing Firm Protects Clients from TCPA Claims using Ringba

“Ringba is the only platform we know of that offers this kind of on-demand caller information that empowers us to approach our campaigns differently than most of our competitors.”

Philipp BorgolteExecutive Director of Operations
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Starting a Pay Per Call Agency from the Ground Up

"Ringba is critical to being able to dig into exactly what is happening at every level of the customer journey to ensure that everyone is winning at every level in the value chain.”

Dave MamaneFounder and CEO
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Advertising Agency Leaves Proprietary Call Tracking Platform Behind

"Before Ringba our platform was cluttered, inefficient, and restrictive. Now that we’ve left our proprietary platform behind, our workflow is streamlined, we’re saving time, and are more profitable."

Matthew ZivkovicCEO and Founder
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Marketing Agency Grows Their Business by Enhancing Call Tracking Capabilities

“If you’re comparing it to a platform you’re already using, I can almost guarantee Ringba is going to be the stronger option.”

Angela PavalkoDirector of Properties and Projects
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